Human Resource Management (HRM) Systems

Informark in collaboration with Robyn Business Systems has come up with a single, integrated solution for all your HR functions. RobynHRM system enables small, mid-size and large companies to manage employees and processes while complying with complex regulations. This system eliminates reliance on paper-based processes and patchwork of disconnected, specialized software and spreadsheets to manage HR functions, which normally lead to inefficiencies that drive up costs, hurt service quality, and increase compliance risk.

RobynHRM provides HR solution that helps companies increase employee productivity, improve compliance, and reduce HR costs through and easy-to-use, easily deployable and short-time implementation solution. It completely eliminates errors, ensures tax compliance, and integrates payroll with other ERPs.

The system captures various employee transactions such as salaries and benefits, tax obligations (e.g. PAYE), Social Security deductions, e.g. NSSF, Insurance deductions, etc.

RobynHRM comes with the following features:

  • Batch-processing of salaries
  • Import /export of data to other systems
  • Send payslips by print /e-mails in PDF format 
  • It can handle multi-currency transactions
  • Maintain exchange rates
  • Maintain bank accounts
  • Assignment of employees to banks
  • It generates bank remittance lists
  • It generates EFT file to banks
  • It exports data directly to banking systems (for bank institutions)
  • It generates salary upload file.

RobynHRM enables a user to generate the following key reports when needed:

  • Accounting Reports
  • Banking Reports
  • Statutory Reports
  • Employee Reports
  • Company Cost Distribution Reporting

Other salient features of RobynHRM include:

  • Employee Information with Basic employee demographics name, address, various key dates, etc.
  • Personal file structure can be defined by a user
  • The system registers Employee Names (First name, Surname & Other Names)
  • Registers employee identification number (unique identification)
  • Accommodate various employee Key Date of : birth, hire, review, last raise, last promotion, last class change termination, One or more employee categorization fields such as department, location, region, cost centre and division, etc.
  • Stores data about employee performance and salary reviews
  • Employee Banks Details,
  • Employee References i.e. Social security number
  • Register Employee identifications
  • Allow user to activate/deactivate employees
  • Allow importation of employee master file (bio data)


RobynHRM has been developed by a group of experts from a Kenyan context, and can be tailored to suit any specific needs of an organization. It is an all-rounded solution that integrates HR as well as financial functions of any organization.