Digital Transformation

Today, businesses are moving fast in adopting digital technologies in their processes. And as we embrace technologies, in addition to paper-based legacy systems, the complexity of managing information becomes  more pronounced. The tasks of capturing, searching, utilizing and storing documents has been a major challenge to many organizations. For example research has shown that we spend between 30% to 50% of our time trying to locate documents. This implies that a  lot of time for other mission-critical tasks is wasted. And this is where we come in.

DocuWare Partner

Infomark TC Ltd is an approved DocuWare Partner. DocuWare provides cloud document management solutions and workflow automation software that enables you to digitize, secure and work with business documents, then optimize the processes that power the core of your business. With Docuware, you can:
  • Easily capture documents (whether from Email, PDFs, office documents, through scanning, mobile devices, eForms and print stream)
  • Process the documents through intelligent indexing
  • Do image editing, annotate and enrich your documents
  • Automate your processes through use of workflows/rule-based routing.
  • Search and retrieve the documents utilizing a variety of indexing terms.
  • Integrate with other systems, e.g. accounting, manufacturing, among other systems.
  • Conveniently share documents and create audit reports