Design, Branding & Printing

Infomark TC Limited is a leading company offering branding services. We assist businesses to transform ideas into a unique business identity that can fuel growth, helping companies come up with an image that stands out from the pack. In the 21st century, consumers make buying decisions based around the perception of the brand rather than the reality of the product. Brands have therefore become more valuable than their physical assets they represent. A strong corporate brand adds depth and value to your company’s product and service offerings. Your company will grow faster than ever before through the creation and nurturing of a strong brand identity.


Logo Design

We design logos with simplicity and versatility in a way that serves our client requirements. We do indepth research in order for us to understand our clients’ products and services, thereby coming up with a logo that projects the best representation for both the company and its offerings.
The logos we design are not only attractive, but they have the ability to get etched in the minds of clients and create deeper interest in the company and its products. We assist companies to come up with the most ideal brand colors and captivating slogans.


Graphic Design and Printing

At Infomark TC, we have the expertise in graphic design and layout creation, as well as access to state-of-the-art digital and offset printing equipment. Some of the products that we produce include books, magazines, brochures, fliers, banners, posters, newspaper advertisements, company profiles, annual reports, calendars, business cards, letterheads, folders, hotel menus, rate cards, notepads, invitation cards, e-cards, among others.


Large Format Printing (Banners)

We are experts in production of roll up banners, wall banners, backdrop banners, vinyl stickers, among others.


Promotional Materials

Our company is a leader when it comes to production of promotional materials for all your
marketing ventures. We produce items such as branded gift bags, umbrellas, thermal mugs, water bottles, pens, diaries, notebooks, magic mugs, keyrings, wall hangings, lanyards, mouse pads, fleeces, among others.



We brand items such as Tshirts (round neck, polo neck), corporate shirts and blouses.



We produce billboards, directional signages, door labels, 2D and 3D LED signages, among others, using a range of materials such as perspex, forex and corex boards.