About Infomark TC Ltd

About Us

Infomark TC Ltd is a technology products and services company that provides IT solutions, Outsourcing Services, Graphic Design services and Consulting.
We work with companies to save cost, increase efficiency, and optimize resources through automation of business processes, managing workflows efficiently and replacing, augmenting, supporting or outsourcing processes.
We are driven by passion, innovation, continuous improvement, and excellence in all our company operations.
We continually train our staff in order to meet the rigorous and dynamic industry requirements and to keep tabs with the ever-evolving technology.

Our Vision

To be a pan-african leader in the provision of cutting-edge information management and marketing solutions.

Mission Statement

  • To provide unmatched information management and marketing services to our clients.
  • To partner with our customers and add value to their business through provision of timely solutions.
  • To deliver our services with a positive approach and highest level of customer service.

Business Objectives

  • To build the Infomark TC Brand and to be identified with technology, innovation and efficiency.
  • To provide the highest quality, best priced technology services to our clients.
  • To be the largest technology and business services partner in Africa.
  • To create awareness of the Infomark TC Brand across industry in Africa.
  • To develop an innovative, skilled and highly motivated team.
  • To continually attract the best talent.
  • To continually research and innovate.

Our Values

Our values form the basis for everything that we do. They inform and guide the way we manage our staff, the way we serve our customers and generally how we run our business. Infomark TC Ltd caters for the human factor as the key to project success, especially in managed services. This is highlighted in our core values:

Total Customer Delight
We create value for our customers by engaging with them in deep, enriching relationships, anticipating their needs and even surpassing their expectations.

We believe in simple solutions to complex challenges; we aim to simplify and make easier our solutions to clients, to define the standards in our business and transactions, and to be a benchmark for the industry and to our own teams.

Creativity and Innovation
Research and innovation are a key part of our business. We dedicate significant amount of time and resources to research. Our employees are encouraged to innovate and are facilitated to accomplish their innovations. The spirit of learning, innovation and creativity is always recognized and rewarded at all levels of our company.

Infomark TC is an independent company that exercises the freedom to make strategic decisions in the best interests of our employees, customers and shareholders.

Infomark provides an environment of openness and trust, respect and encouragement, teamwork and recognition, enthusiasm and reliability. Our staff are provided the opportunity to grow and soar, to fulfill their career and personal objectives. We encourage our staff to get involved in all aspects of company operations – which promotes their learning and progress as they develop their careers. Our employees are informed of what the company expects from them and they are expected to give the best of themselves everyday. In return, the company gives employees the feedback and coaching to help them grow.

Service Culture
The culture of service with a passion is deeply ingrained in our staff. Client needs and concerns are placed on a higher priority to internal ones.

We have strive to offer our products and services to our customers at highly competitive rates and in all our personal interactions, we strive to win fairly against our competitors.

Integrity and Commitment
In serving customers and colleagues, we balance drive with honesty and integrity in our business dealings. We hold active responsibility and accountability in high regard for both business targets and people. We strive for top performance and take the consequence of not living up to our commitments.

Our company culture espouses excellence, and we continuously strive to become a World Class Company by developing true value-added partnerships with our customers and balancing and satisfying the needs of all our stakeholders. We can do this by releasing the full potential of our people through shared values and a culture of trust, empowerment, and continuous improvement. Quality and the pursuit of business excellence has become an everyday passion.